The paper “CLINEX: an Inter-Node Cross-Layer Cooperation Architecture to Adapt to Dynamically Changing Network Situation” written by Kazuma Yonemura was accepted in COMPSAC 2013: The 37th Annual International Computer Software & Applications Conference. (http://compsac.cs.iastate.edu/)


Yamato Miyashita won Nakanishi Award from the Department of Information and Computer Science, Keio University.


Takao Kondo had a presentation of “A Proposal of Information Centric Networking in New Generation Network Architecture ZNA” in IEICE Technical Committee on Internet Architecture @ Nara, Japan. (http://www.ieice.org/ken/paper/201303147BcL/)


Yamato Miyashita had a presentation of “The Autonomous Distributed Content Reference System for Enabling to Share the Multiple Viewpoints” in The 5th Forum on Data Engineering and Information Management @ Fukushima, Japan. He also won a presentation award as the best presenter in one of the student sessions with Web Service as the topic. (http://db-event.jpn.org/deim2013/)


The paper “ZNP: A New Generation Network Layer Protocol Based on ID/Locator Split Considering Practical Operation” written by Sho Kanemaru was published in IEICE Transactions on Communications.(http://search.ieice.org/bin/summary.php?id=e96-b_3_764&category=B&lang=E&ref=rss&abst=&year=2013)


Yamato Miyashita had a presentation and demonstration of “Secure Editing and Rendering using Content Espresso Distributed Strage” at CineGrid International Workshop 2012 @ UCSD, San Diego, U.S.A.(http://www.cinegrid.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=129&Itemid=20)


We exhibited “Distributed storage” and “Come on, content. Get by name.” on KEIO TECHNO-MALL 2012 @ Tokyo International Forum, Yuraku-tyo, Japan.(http://www.kll.keio.ac.jp/ktm/en/index.html)


Masanori Terada had a presentation of “Providing a High-Speed Train with a Broadband and Fault Tolerant IPv4/6 NEMO environment” in 4th IEEE GLOBECOM International Workshop on Mobility Management in the Networks of the Future World (MobiWorld2012) @ Anaheim, California, U.S.A..(http://isyou.hosting.paran.com/mobiworld12/)


A paper entitled “Implementation of EAP-TTLS for Network Access Authentication based on Diameter EAP Application” written by Yuki Atsuya was published in JSSST (Japan Society for Software Science and Technology) Computer Software, Vol.29, No.4.


We exhibited eight posters and four demonstrations about our research themes on Fiscal 2012 WIDE Winter Meeting @ Yagami, Japan.(http://www.wide.ad.jp/)

Takao Kondo and Heryanto made a poster presentation of “ZINK: Realizing a High Availability and Fast Content Retrieval” and won the bronze poster award on Fiscal 2012 WIDE Winter Meeting @ Yagami, Japan.(http://www.wide.ad.jp/news/press/20121206-bestposteraward-e.html)


We exhibited eleven posters and five demonstrations about our research themes on the Second Symposium of DMC Research Center @ Hiyoshi, Japan.(http://note.dmc.keio.ac.jp/topics/archives/612)